Tools for creating healthy transportation systems

Everyone needs to get from point A to point B. But some methods of travel can be healthier for communities, families, and individuals than others.

Historically, US transportation systems have prioritized car travel at the expense of other ways to get around. Although driving is certainly necessary in some instances, cars emit harmful pollution, endanger people who are walking or bicycling, discourage physical activity, require a lot of space for roads and parking, and are expensive to own and operate. Not only do other modes of transportation contribute to better physical, mental, and social health outcomes, but they can also make access to education and job opportunities more equitable and improve community prosperity.

ChangeLab Solutions’ transportation resources prioritize systems and infrastructure that can improve health and equity for communities. Access the tools we’ve highlighted below or navigate to our planning resources for more options.

Pedestrians and a cyclist crossing a city street
Complete Streets
Create streets that serve all residents and improve health. Everyone should be able to get around safely!
Measuring VMT
Vehicle Miles Traveled
Converting from level-of-service metrics to VMT presents an opportunity to advance analytical methods that help improve health, equity, and sustainability.
Safe Routes to Schools Factsheet
Safe Routes to Schools
Safely walking, rolling, or biking to and from school has many benefits for students and the wider community. Our SRTS resources support active transportation strategies for kids.
People eating at a restaurant with ample bicycle parking
Making a Place for Bicycles
Bicycle parking is a great way for communities to improve health and transportation systems at the same time. Get the wheels turning with our fact sheet.

Additional Healthy Housing Resources