Healthy Neighborhoods

Resources for neighborhood health

Evidence shows that where people live plays a key role in their health. Housing, workplaces, street design, and transportation all influence prominent health factors such as safety, physical activity, access to healthy food, community engagement, and affordable living. ChangeLab Solutions has the tools to connect the dots between neighborhood resources and to help communities achieve their policy goals.

Get started with the tools we've highlighted below, and learn more about all of our areas of work.

Urban park setting with playground
Shared Use
Shared use agreements open public and private recreation facilities for community use. They are an excellent way to improve health and equity in underserved communities.
Healthy Housing
Healthy Housing
Safe, stable, affordable housing is crucial for the health of children and families. Our resources can help housing authorities, public health departments, and hospitals confront the housing crisis.
A complete park that benefits everyone
Complete Parks
A Complete Parks system ensures that all people can enjoy a great local park. As common venues for sports games, farmers markets, and festivals, parks are important places to gather, exercise, and relax, whether to socialize or to have time for ourselves.