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American Planning Association California 2023 Conference

September 16-19, Fresno, CA

Hosted by the American Planning Association California chapter

This year’s conference, Planning at the Crossroads will explore the past, present, and future of planning, including affordable housing, equity in our communities, how to plan for climate change, and addressing issues related to environmental and social justice.

As part of an intersectional panel, Sarah de Guia, CEO of ChangeLab Solutions will present at the closing plenary session on Navigating Equity, Health, and Sustainability in California’s Inland Communities at 11:30am on September 19. This session will focus on how planners can equitably and effectively implement plans, featuring collaboration between nonprofits, local government, public institutions, and regional agencies, while building community trust.

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Equitable Implementation of Housing Codes

September 20, 11am PT / 2pm ET

Hosted by ChangeLab Solutions

In this 75-minute webinar, policymakers, housing advocates, and public health professionals will gain a deeper awareness of how the nuances of enforcement can affect equity. Our speakers will investigate how to navigate the critical line between overenforcement and underenforcement and how to deal with tricky enforcement situations. Using proactive rental inspection as an example, they will discuss ways to build capacity for equitable implementation of housing policies through co-enforcement, stakeholder partnerships, community engagement, and more.


  • Ellen Noguera Hill, director of planning and urban development, City of Monroe, Louisiana
  • Sunni Hutton, committee member, Homes for All St. Louis
  • Jake Dishaw, deputy commissioner of code enforcement and zoning administration, City of Syracuse, New York
  • Vince Young, attorney, ChangeLab Solutions (moderator)
  • Heather Wong, attorney, ChangeLab Solutions (moderator)

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Tennessee Public Health Association Annual Conference

Murfreesboro, TN, September 20-22

Hosted by the Tennesse Public Health Association

This annual conference brings together over 400 public health professionals representing multiple sectors from across the state, and this year’s theme, Healthy Environment, Healthy Communities will explore the myriad of environmental health issues that impact population health, from climate change to environmental justice. On September 22 at 9am, ChangeLab Solutions’ CEO Sarah de Guia will present on Advocacy 101, a plenary session immediately followed by Advocacy Strategic Planning in a breakout session.

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Acting for Public Health: Challenges and Opportunities in Legislatures and the Courts

September 27, 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

Hosted by Dialogue4Health

As public health officials were responding to a global pandemic, legislatures and courts across the country acted to limit their powers. Sabrina Adler, vice president of law at ChangeLab Solutions will be joining speakers representing a collaborative of public health law organizations to discuss recent legislative and litigation trends that hamper public health authority, as well as positive developments in this field.

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Open Forum: Next Generation

September 27–29, Indianapolis, IN

Hosted by the National Network of Public Health Institutes

The 2023 Open Forum: Next Generation is designed to empower and equip the current and future public health workforce to ignite change and advance health equity. ChangeLab Solutions staff members are excited to connect with colleagues in public health and present on a range of topics at this conference.

Thursday, 9/28, 11am: Senior policy analyst Cesar De La Vega and attorney Shannon Rempe will be presenting A Path Forward: Leveraging Law and Policy Tools to Undo Historic Harms and Advance Health Equity.

Thursday, 9/28, 11:45am: Attorney Becca Rieckhoff and senior planner Tina Ansong will discuss How the Public Health Workforce Can Use Community Engagement to Build Health Equity.

Thursday 9/28, 2:45pm: Senior planner Jessica Nguyen and attorney Melissa Marichal Zayas will discuss Funding State and Local Public Health Innovation to Advance Health Equity.

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Public Health Law Conference

October 24–26, Minneapolis, MN

Hosted by the Network for Public Health Law

Momentum has been building in public health to change systems to eradicate the negative health effects of discrimination, and at this year’s Public Health Law Conference, ChangeLab Solutions staff members will be discussing key issues that support systems change. 

Wednesday, 10/25, 10:45am: At their session Developing an Equity-Minded Public Health Workforce, Nessia Berner Wong, senior policy analyst; Cesar De La Vega, senior policy analyst; and Alexis Etow, managing director, will provide guidance on strengthening our existing and future workforce's capacity to use law and policy to address pressing public health issues.

Thursday 10/26, 9:30am: Iyanrick John, vice president of external affairs, will be presenting alongside colleagues at the session Strategies and Lessons for Protecting HIV Patient Data, Ensuring Data Privacy, and Assessing HIV Criminalization Laws and Policies at the State and Local Level.

Thursday 10/26, 11:00am: In their session Good Governance to Advance Health Equity: Preemption and Equitable Enforcement, Sabrina Adler, vice president of law; Maya Hazarika Watts, managing director; and Gregory Miao, senior attorney, will discuss how the tools of preemption and enforcement fit into a broader good governance framework and the role of those tools in determining whether and how the law is used to advance health equity. 

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