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APHA 2022 Annual Meeting and Expo

November 69, Boston, MA

Hosted by the American Public Health Association (APHA)

Are you ready for APHA's 2022 Annual Meeting and Expo? ChangeLab Solutions staff are excited to share their expertise on subjects such as protecting public health authority and advocacy in the current political climate. See our schedule below, and we hope you’ll stop by booth #221 and connect with us!

Advocacy in the Current Political Climate: Know the rules and get involved (3034)

Monday, 11/7, 10:30am12pm  

  • Sarah de Guia, chief executive officer 
  • Iyanrick John, vice president of external affairs

Leveraging Policy Interventions to Improve Community Health and Advance Health Equity (3160) 

Monday, 11/7, 2:30pm–4:00pm 

  • Sara Bartel, senior attorney 

Protecting Public Health’s Authority and Ability to Act (3248) 

Monday, 11/7, 4:30pm6pm 

  • Sabrina Adler, vice president of law 
  • Sara Bartel, senior attorney 

Collaborative for Anti-Racism and Equity Workshop (4104) 

Tuesday, 11/8, 10:30am12pm 

  • Cesar De La Vega, senior policy analyst 

Promoting Public Health and the Authority to Act: Brainstorming and strategizing session (332) 

Tuesday, 11/8, 4:30pm6pm  

  • Sabrina Adler, vice president of law 
  • Sara Bartel, senior attorney 
  • Sarah de Guia, chief executive officer 

Acting for Public Health: Tracking attempts to erode public health authority in the United States (5094) 

Wednesday, 11/9, 10:30am–12pm 

  • Sabrina Adler, vice president of law 

Recruit and Retain a Diverse and Culturally Responsive Workforce: Part 3 (5059) 

Wednesday, 11/9, 10:30am–12pm 

  • Nessia Berner Wong, senior policy analyst 


Legal Epidemiology Learning Cohort: Info Session and Q&A

Hosted by ChangeLab Solutions and partners

Health departments and health organizations are invited to participate in our 10-month, stipend-assisted Legal Epidemiology Learning Cohort, to gain foundational skills in public health law research and evaluation. We hosted a virtual information session on November 17, 2022, to provide details to interested teams and offer time for Q&A with our program leads. If you’re interested in joining the 2023–2024 cohort and have questions about the opportunity, we recommend that you view the recording of the information session and the summary of questions and answers.