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Operationalizing Equity-Promoting Policies to Improve the Social Determinants of Health

Virtual Event: September 12 and 13 at 11:00am-1:30pm PT / 2:00-4:30pm ET

Hosted by Invest Health and Partners

National health equity initiative networks are coming together to share learnings, provide tools, and build partnerships to operationalize equity-promoting policies. Join the virtual, interactive learning and network-building event to share policy tools and implementation strategies that impact community development and public health efforts.

ChangeLab Solutions' Shauneequa Owusu, chief strategy officer, and Tina Ansong, senior planner, will be there. We hope you join us to learn from this amazing group of partners!

Please note that this is a 2-session event, so you will need to select a ticket for both day 1 and day 2.

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