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Health Action Conference: The Power of Community

January 26-28, Washington D.C. and online

Hosted by Families USA

Families USA’s Health Action Conference 2023 is dedicated to the communities using their power to make real change. With grassroots movements rising around the country and midterms just behind us, January 2023 is a critical time for advocates to mobilize and collaborate in our shared fight to eliminate health inequities and health system failures.

CEO Sarah de Guia will be moderating an event on The Power of Perseverance: Building Resiliency in the Health Reform Movement. Don't miss this session and the opportunity to learn from colleagues and speakers across the country, network with fellow advocates, and gain the skills needed to secure profound policy change.

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Assessing Legislation and Litigation Impacting Public Health Authority

Thursday, January 26, 10am PT / 1pm ET, online

Hosted by Act for Public Health

As communities continue to grapple with infectious diseases, including COVID-19, more than half of U.S. states have passed legislation that will undermine public health now and in the future. Act for Public Health is a collaborative effort to protect the authority of public health agencies by providing law and policy research, analysis, expertise and support for public health agencies as they navigate laws or court decisions affecting their ability to protect their communities. Attend this webinar to learn about the work of Act for Public Health, including law and policy surveillance; tracking state legislation that limits and strengthens public health authority and emergency response; and litigation challenging public health legal authority.


  • Sabrina Adler, vice president of law, ChangeLab Solutions (moderator)
  • Katie Moran-McCabe, lead law and policy analyst, Center for Public Health Law Research, Temple University Beasley School of Law
  • Elizabeth Platt, director of research and operations, Center for Public Health Law Research, Temple University Beasley School of Law
  • Jill Krueger, director, Network for Public Health Law–Northern Region Office
  • Wendy Parmet, Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Law and faculty director, Center for Health Policy and Law, Northeastern University School of Law

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Policymaking for Housing Justice: Unpacking the Equity Challenges of Housing Code Enforcement

Tuesday, January 31, 11am PT / 2pm ET, online

Hosted by ChangeLab Solutions

In this 75-minute webinar, panelists will unpack the equity challenges of housing code enforcement and offer strategies that local governments can use to center tenant health and move toward more equitable enforcement practices. 


  • Gregory Miao, senior attorney, ChangeLab Solutions (moderator)
  • Liz Tobin-Tyler, associate professor of health services, policy and practice, Brown University School of Public Health
  • Larry Brooks, director, Alameda County Healthy Homes Department
  • Kathy Zeisel, director for special legal programs, Children’s Law Center

This webinar is the first episode of our series Equity in Action: Policymaking for Community Health, which highlights policy actions that support economic recovery and help rebuild our systems in ways that address structural inequities. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars!

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Non-Partisan Strategies to Advance Health Policy

Tuesday, February 21,  12pm PT / 3pm ET, online

Hosted by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps 

This webinar will explore non-partisan opportunities to promote health equity to policymakers. Katie Michel, senior attorney at ChangeLab Solutions, will share ways to develop effective, equitable health policies. Sabrina Adler, vice president of law at ChangeLab Solutions, will discuss preemption — when state law alters or eliminates a local law — and opportunities to address it.

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