Our Work

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At ChangeLab Solutions, we envision healthy, equitable communities were everyone is economically secure and can attain their full health potential. Laws and policies are powerful determinants of health that influence distribution of resources and power and have the potential to create meaningful, lasting change. We work with governments, community organizations, advocates, and anchor institutions across the country to improve public health. We can work with you to develop equitable laws, policies, and strategies for change. To learn more about our core strategies, strategic activities, and organizational goals, explore our Strategic Framework.

WHY WE DO THIS WORK: Health Equity

We strive to give everyone a fair chance to live a healthy life. For far too long, laws and policies have been used to promote the health of some, but not all. We focus on undoing the harms of structural racism and other forms of institutionalized discrimination. Our work creates lasting change by grounding law and policy in local needs.

WHAT WE BRING: Expertise & Evidence

We share our knowledge of what is effective for advancing health-promoting policies. Our diverse team works across sectors and disciplines, bringing legal, policy, and planning expertise to inform our work. We offer guidance, technical assistance, and research, all grounded in best practices. And our free online library offers legally sound policies with a proven track record of implementation.

HOW WE WORK: Collaboration & Partnership

We believe that collaborative partnerships are necessary to solve multifaceted public health problems. We learn from those we work with, expanding our capacity and knowledge to better serve others. Our goal is to help communities improve their health by providing individualized services that complement and leverage community knowledge and strengths.

WHAT WE OFFER: Legal Know-How + Strategies That Make Policies Work

We help communities solve complex issues. Our multidisciplinary team can create custom research, analyses, case studies, or products tailored to your issue or community. Our trainings help communities build knowledge and skills to effect change, even after the trainings are over.

Our Services

  • Research & analysis: Policy analysis and legal research to answer critical questions about financing, enforcement, and impact
  • Policy & strategy development: Tailored development of model policies and laws; guidance in forming, improving, and assessing strategies for change
  • Training & capacity building: In-person training sessions or online webinar series for legal and non-legal audiences on public health law, policy development (from identifying your policy needs and building support to implementing and evaluating a recently adopted policy), or specific policy issues
  • Individualized coaching: Guidance on some or all of the policy process
  • Communities of practice: Convening and facilitation of working groups, multidisciplinary collaborations, or community stakeholders to discuss an issue or work toward a common goal
  • Product development: Development of visually engaging, user-friendly guides, fact sheets, infographics, and other resources that advance new ideas and translate complex legal and policy concepts into actionable solutions

Download a 2-page brochure outlining the services and resources we offer, or access a 4-page brochure detailing our services, areas of focus, and examples of our successes.