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Our innovative policy solutions address many aspects of creating healthier communities for all.

Good Governance

Laws and policies are powerful tools for making our communities healthier and more equitable. A good governance process is inclusive, transparent, and effective, and helps foster a clear understanding of policy landscapes, local resources, and potential partnerships. We have the resources explaining the essentials of public health law and policy that can help create meaningful, lasting change in your community.

Healthy Neighborhoods

Evidence shows that where we live plays a key role in our health. Housing, workplaces, street design, and transportation all influence prominent health factors such as safety, physical activity, access to healthy food, community engagement, and affordable living. We have the tools to connect the dots between neighborhood resources and to help communities achieve their policy goals.

Food & Beverages

A healthy diet is key to maintaining good health. But many low-income children and families—those at greatest risk for preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease—don’t have access to healthy foods and beverages in their neighborhoods. We work on a variety of policy strategies that make it easier for everyone to access healthy foods and beverages at home, at work, at school, and in stores.

Child Care & Schools

Families have tremendous influence over the health of their children, but children are also cared for by other adults in their community. Child care and school environments often determine what children are offered to eat and drink outside the home, as well as how much time they have for physical activity. We work on a variety of child care and school policy strategies that can support families in raising healthy children.

Tobacco Prevention

Limiting access to tobacco products is the first step in preventing tobacco-related diseases. Effective strategies include eliminating the sale of tobacco products to minors, regulating electronic cigarettes, increasing enforcement of existing laws, and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. We offer a wide range of resources to help communities tailor and implement tobacco prevention policy options.

Health Care

Health care systems and hospitals have opportunities to get involved in community public health initiatives. Partnering with advocates and local agencies, providing healthier foods and beverages, and leveraging community benefits allocations from hospitals can help keep people healthy and out of emergency rooms. Our resources can help health care organizations and hospitals work towards community-based prevention.


Tools for Change
Tools for Change
Tools for Change: A Resource Catalog for Community Health provides an overview of publications and other tools we offer on our website at no cost.
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Our work centers on achieving health equity through law and policy. These are the different ways that ChangeLab Solutions can work with you to undo the harms of structural discrimination.