Tobacco Prevention

Reducing the harms of tobacco use

Limiting access to tobacco products is the first step in preventing tobacco-related diseases. Effective strategies include eliminating the sale of tobacco products to minors, regulating electronic cigarettes, increasing enforcement of existing laws, and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. We offer a wide range of resources to help communities tailor and implement policy options to regulate tobacco.

Get started with the resources we've highlighted below, and learn more about all of our areas of work.

Tobacco Disparities Framing Project
Framing Tobacco Disparities
This collection of resources will help you communicate about tobacco use and prevention in an equitable way.
POS Preemption Playbook
Tobacco Point of Sale Preemption Playbook
This playbook explains how state preemption of local laws affects commercial tobacco prevention and control efforts. Learn about strategies that communities are using to promote health despite preemption of retail tobacco policies.
Addressing Tobacco-Related Health Inequities
Equity in Point-of-Sale Policies
This collection of resources will help communities assess inequities in the tobacco retail environment and identify policy solutions.
Tobacco Retailer Density
Tobacco Retailer Density
Places with a greater density of tobacco retailers experience higher tobacco use rates, leading to greater health inequities. Our place-based strategies can promote health and equity in your community.
Tobacco Companies Are Sweet-Talking Our Kids
Tobacco Companies Sweet-Talk Kids
Tobacco companies target kids with cheap flavored tobacco products in convenience stores. Here’s how communities can protect kids from predatory marketing.

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