Who We Are

ChangeLab Solutions is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that uses the tools of law and policy to advance health equity. We partner with communities across the nation to improve health and opportunity by changing harmful laws, policies, and systems. Our interdisciplinary team works with community organizations, governments, and local institutions to design and implement equitable and practical policy solutions to complex health challenges.


Healthier communities for all through equitable laws & policies


We envision healthy, equitable communities where every person is economically secure and can attain their full health potential because

  • Laws and policies are equity-focused, inclusive, and just;
  • Systems and institutions, including government, facilitate meaningful participation and work to eliminate unjust disparities; and
  • Investments prioritize people and places most affected by injustices and inequities.



We believe that all people have the right to health, justice, dignity, and opportunity. We work to dismantle oppressive and racist systems, laws, and policies and replace them with laws and policies that address the root causes of health inequities.


We are always learning. We take risks, reflecting on our failures and our successes in order to strengthen our health equity work.


We believe that complex problems are best solved through partnerships across multiple disciplines and sectors that maximize collective resources and align actions to advance health equity.


We learn from those we work with, and we respect lived experience. We acknowledge that our lives, histories, and futures are interconnected, yet not all voices have been equally heard or valued — which is a barrier to health and equity.


Our solutions in service of health and equity are grounded in evidence, legal precedent, and community-led change efforts.

ChangeLab Solutions Staff Feature
Our Staff
Our multidisciplinary team consists of lawyers, planners, policy analysts, and other professionals located across the nation. We work with neighborhoods, cities, and states to create thriving communities.
Board of Directors
Our Board
Our board of directors represents the fields of public health, law, academia, philanthropy, and more. The board guides long-term strategy for ChangeLab Solutions.
Careers Feature v2
ChangeLab Solutions creates healthier communities for all through equitable laws and policies. We have career opportunities in law, policy, public health, planning, finance, and communications.

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