Safe, stable & affordable places to live for everyone

ChangeLab Solutions believes a vision of widespread health and prosperity should guide the future of housing and development in the United States. Decades of research have shown that safe, stable, affordable housing sets the foundation for health. Housing located near good schools, high-quality jobs, healthy food, safe parks, and dependable transportation is essential for communities to prosper and thrive. The laws and policies that shape housing markets and guide development have a significant effect on both health and prosperity.

Historically, housing policies have not been guided by a vision of healthy and equitable communities. Indeed, many existing housing policies reinforce discrimination and economic exclusion, leading to disinvestment and inequitable health outcomes. These forces have compounded health disparities and made it difficult for local governments and institutions to ensure the health and well-being of all residents.

Our healthy housing work focuses on what it takes to make safe, stable, and affordable housing a reality for everyone. We provide tools that connect the dots between housing and health and offer practical steps that communities can take to achieve their housing policy goals.

Proactive Rental Inspections Feature Image
A Guide to Proactive Rental Inspections
Proactive rental inspection (PRI) programs help localities protect tenant health, improve housing quality, and keep people in affordable homes. Our guide will help local officials and housing advocates develop a PRI program that promotes health equity.
Our guide for health and housing initiatives
The Health & Housing Starter Kit
This guide was developed to help local institutions take their first steps toward creating bold and innovative health and housing initiatives.
Housing Solutions Collaborative
The Housing Solutions Collaborative
A learning collective for cross-sector community teams that will offer peer support, technical assistance, and a stipend to help teams in eight cities advance legal and policy solutions to the growing housing crisis.
A Venn diagram of affordable housing elements
Preserving, Protecting, & Expanding Affordable Housing
Our policy toolkit first explains how renewed interest in urban centers is affecting housing affordability and then provides recommendations for communities.

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