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Use training resources for learning and professional development
An understanding of public health law is important for anyone interested in improving population health outcomes. Use Public Health Law Academy research and training materials to teach the concepts that all public health practitioners need to know.
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How can we better prepare public health practitioners to use law for improving health outcomes?

We have made it easier for you! Our resources support anyone interested in teaching public health students and professionals about the integral role that law plays in the everyday practice of public health. Materials include video shorts to include in your curriculum, plus facilitator’s guides, slide decks, and checklists we have developed for Public Health Law Academy courses.

PHL Training Report
Read our report about public health law training in educational settings

Our multi-year assessment included an environmental scan, data collection and analysis, and key informant interviews. This summary report presents key findings, identifies challenges and barriers, and offers opportunities and recommendations.

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Opportunities identified in our report



Build support and align priorities across stakeholders, organizations, and fields to increase awareness of public health law’s significance and value in educational settings.



Increase access to public health law training for students through master’s of public health courses and programs



Increase the capacity of schools, programs, and faculty to teach public health law through training opportunities.


Educational Diversity

Increase access to public health law training for non-MPH students through educational settings other than MPH programs.

Start with highlights from full-length trainings

Our collection of short video introductions to public health law provides core concepts for improving population health, and background on current topics. Each video is 7-9 minutes long and can be used as to sample a full-length training or as a standalone to focus on its specific topic. Videos are free for use in educational and training settings.

Dive into facilitator materials for each training series

For each training, we provide a facilitator's package that includes a preparation checklist, guide for customizing the training to your needs, script that can be modified for your audience, and a PowerPoint slide deck to use for presentation. Explore each series to see what is available for each individual training session.

PHLA - Students
Legal epidemiology resources
This collection of resources supplements our 3-part Legal Epidemiology series and has been curated for researchers, educators, students, and practitioners in health departments.