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There is hardly a public health challenge today that can be resolved without the assistance of legal or policy solutions. Public health professionals at local, state, and federal levels need to have a clear understanding of our legal system and its role in improving overall population health.

The Public Health Law Academy (PHL Academy), supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provides a deeper understanding of the use of law and policy to improve population health outcomes. Developed in cooperation with ChangeLab Solutions, the free and easy-to-use online trainings offered by the PHL Academy are essential for all public health professionals.

The online trainings can also be used by other professionals, such as public health lawyers, public health nurses, public health educators, public health advocates, and public health faculty and students in graduate and undergraduate university programs.

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Public health practioner watching training at home on laptop
Public Health Law Academy Certificate
Deepen your technical skill set in public health law with this free seven-part certificate program.
Public health and law practitioners meet at a conference
Introduction to Public Health Law
An introductory series about the intersection of law and public health
A stack of legal books next to a small scale on top of a table
Administrative Law & Health Equity
A series detailing what practitioners need to know about creating, implementing, and enforcing public health laws
Medicine and a man in a hazmat suit
Hot Topics in Public Health Law
A series about how public health law evolves in response to health crises
Two presenters in front of a small audience
Legal Epidemiology
An in-depth series about the scientific study of how laws affect public health

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