Administrative Law & Health Equity - for Facilitators

Tools to help facilitators deliver tailored Public Health Law Academy trainings

This collection of tools is part of the Public Health Law Academy, which provides a deeper understanding of the use of law and policy to improve population health outcomes. These resources support anyone interested in teaching public health practitioners about administrative law — the area of law that governs how public health practitioners carry out common regulatory activities, from developing regulations and drafting guidance documents to implementing and enforcing public health programs.

Start with our trainings in the Administrative Law & Health Equity series, then download and tailor these resources for your specific audience.

Public health department building
What Legal Powers Do Health Departments Have?
Teach public health practitioners about the legal powers and limits of public health agencies, including the basis for their authority and the importance of due process.
Public health department building
How Do Health Departments Create Regulations ?
Teach public health practitioners how health departments can promote health equity throughout the rulemaking process.
Public health department building
How Do Health Departments Implement & Enforce the Law?
Teach public health practitioners about equity-informed practices for issuing permits and licenses, conducting investigations and inspections, and enforcing public health laws.

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