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Administrative Law & Health Equity

Public Health Law Academy's series on creating, implementing & enforcing public health laws

These free Public Health Law Academy trainings focus on administrative law the area of law that governs how public health practitioners carry out common regulatory activities, from developing regulations and drafting guidance documents to implementing and enforcing public health programs. The trainings also explain how practitioners can promote health equity in their day-to-day work on these activities.

The courses will help you answer the following questions:

  • What is administrative law, and why is it important for health departments to understand?
  • How can health departments better serve communities through equity-centered rulemaking or equitable implementation and enforcement of public health programs?
  • How can public health professionals navigate legal barriers and avoid having their regulations challenged in court?
  • How can health departments engage community members in regulatory processes?

Each of the courses is designed for individuals working in or with public health departments in all areas of practice and on all types of regulatory activities. Check out Parts 1 and 2 below, and stay tuned for Part 3.

PHLA Admin Law Part 1
What Legal Powers Do Health Departments Have?
Part 1 of our series on administrative law explores the legal powers and limits of public health agencies, including the basis for their authority and the importance of due process.
A hand holding a pencil and writing on paper alongside a public health department buildiing
How Do Health Departments Create Regulations?
Part 2 of our series on administrative law explains how health departments create regulations, policies, and guidance documents and, most important, how they can promote health equity as they perform these activities.
Admin law 3 - feature
How Do Health Departments Implement & Enforce the Law?
Part 3 of our series on administrative law discusses how public health departments can promote health equity as they issue permits and licenses, conduct investigations and inspections, and enforce public health laws.
Administrative Law & Health Equity
Facilitator Guides
Tools we’ve developed to help facilitators successfully deliver tailored trainings in the Administrative Law & Health Equity series.

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