Legal Epidemiology — for Facilitators

Tools to help facilitators deliver tailored Public Health Law Academy trainings

This collection of tools is part of the Public Health Law Academy, which provides a deeper understanding of the use of law and policy to improve population health outcomes. These resources support anyone interested in teaching public health practitioners about legal epidemiology — the scientific study of how laws affect public health.

Start with our trainings in the Legal Epidemiology series, then download and tailor these resources for your specific audience.

Legal Epi intro video
Legal Epidemiology
A quick video overview of the foundational principles of legal epidemiology
A bookshelf of legal references
Introduction to Legal Epidemiology
Teach public health practitioners about legal epidemiology, a scientific approach to studying the impact and effectiveness of laws on health.
A statue of blindfolded Justice holding scales
Introduction to Legal Mapping
Teach public health practitioners how they can use legal mapping to determine what laws exist on a specific topic, collect the information needed to analyze the content of those laws, and measure the effect the laws have on health outcomes.
Electronic graphs
Advanced Legal Epidemiology Methods
Teach public health practitioners how to use scientific methods to determine whether a law affects population health.

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