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What Is Legal Epidemiology?

A Public Health Law Academy video short

Good Governance

How do we determine how a law has affected public health? We can scientifically study the effect of the law as a factor in the cause, distribution, and prevention of disease and injury. This type of scientific study is known as legal epidemiology.

What Is Legal Epidemiology? is a short video that introduces some foundational principles of legal epidemiology. It explains how laws can cause or prevent disease and injury and how policy surveillance provides legal epidemiologists with the information they need to perform their analyses.

This video includes material from the Public Health Law Academy's Legal Epidemiology series of full-length trainings. The video is intended for public health practitioners who want a quick, high-level introduction to legal epidemiology. It can also be used by trainers or faculty who want to introduce legal epidemiology concepts in a classroom or a training workshop. 

Watch it here: