Introduction to Public Health Law — for Facilitators

Tools to help facilitators deliver tailored Public Health Law Academy trainings

This collection of tools is part of the Public Health Law Academy, which provides a deeper understanding of the use of law and policy to improve population health outcomes. These resources support anyone interested in teaching public health practitioners about the integral role that law plays in the everyday practice of public health. The materials can be used to teach the core public health law concepts that all public health practitioners need to know.

Start with our trainings in the Introduction to Public Health Law series, then download and tailor these resources for your specific audience.

A government building alongside the U.S. Constitution
Public Health Law: Past & Present
Teach public health practitioners how to use the tools of law and policy most effectively to achieve their public health goals.
Federal, state, and local levels of government
Preemption & Public Health
Teach public health practitioners about preemption and its effects on public health.
Three tiers of government structure
Structure of Government
Teach public health practitioners about how different levels of government can work together to achieve shared public health goals.

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