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Driver - Governance that limits participation
Governance That Limits Meaningful Participation
Governance is the process of aligning stakeholders and getting to agreement. Key components of governance include people, decision-making processes, and structures that ensure implementation of agreements.
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About this driver of inequity

Governance structures determine how power is distributed and exercised in decision making that shapes places as well as access to resources and opportunities. Participation, partnerships, and community empowerment are elements of governance structures that promote health equity.

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Strategies to improve access to democracy:


Coordinate across government agencies

Formalize cross-governmental coordination, collaboration, and accountability and include the perspectives of all departments, agencies, and institutions in government decisions by taking a Health in All Policies approach.


Facilitate cross-sector collaboration

Create structures for collaboration among local governments, community-based organizations, and health care institutions to act on the social determinants of health.


Make government accountable

Ensure that government protocols and decisions are made available to the community and that policies include clear roles, responsibilities, and evaluation processes to hold government responsible for successful implementation.

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Resources for Change

Our resources offer actionable, equitable policy strategies and tools for institutions and all levels of government to help facilitate participation from communities and improve health equity.

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Success Stories

ChangeLab Solutions is proud to partner with state and local governments and the communities they serve to improve and broaden participation in governmental processes and services.

Organized bike ride in Fresno

The Fight for Health Equity in California’s Central Valley

Cultiva La Salud, a grassroots community organization, works to develop residents’ capacity to effectively advocate for health-promoting changes they would like to see in their community.

Downtown Davis, CA

How Local Action Can Spur Policy Change Across the Nation

A landmark ordinance in Davis, California, replaced sugary drinks with water or milk as the default beverage in kids meals served by restaurants. Using ChangeLab Solutions’ model policy, other localities passed their own ordinances.

Housing inspections prior to rental

Proactive Rental Inspections (PRI) for Healthy Homes

PRI programs differ from traditional rental housing code enforcement by relying on periodic inspections rather than tenant complaints. PRI empowers tenants to exercise their right to safe rental housing without fear of retaliation.

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Get started with equitable policymaking!

For more ways to uproot the drivers of health inequity, download our updated guide, Strategies for Equitable Policymaking, which offers legal and policy strategies to create systemic change.

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