Health in All Policies

Collaborating across sectors to improve health

Health is one of our most precious resources. People everywhere want their families and communities to be healthy and to thrive. But what does it take to make that vision a reality?

To achieve a healthy and equitable community, every part of government has a role to play. That’s the idea behind Health in All Policies (HiAP). HiAP is a transformative, collaborative approach to improving a community by incorporating health, sustainability, and equity considerations into decisionmaking across government agencies and policy areas. At its core, HiAP means that government agencies collaborate to identify shared goals, maximize resources, harmonize activities, and invest in big solutions that produce multiple benefits. In partnership with the communities they serve, public agencies are using this approach to solve their largest social and environmental challenges.

HiAP is a crucial strategy for reducing health inequities and achieving health equity. Because no one government agency has full authority over the laws and policies that affect the fundamental drivers of inequities, decisionmakers can best serve their communities by incorporating a HiAP approach across sectors and policy areas.

Get started with the resources we’ve highlighted below and learn more about all of our areas of work.

From Start to Finish, the HiAP toolkit
HiAP: From Start to Finish
This toolkit outlines five key strategies to help communities enact a Health in All Policies approach and ensure that structural change is sustained over time.
A Roadmap for Health in All Policies
A Roadmap for Health in All Policies
No matter where a community is starting, this roadmap provides strategies that the community can work on today as it moves along the HiAP path, from learning about the idea to implementation.
Commitment to Change Model Policies
Commitment to Change: HiAP Model Policies
These model policies include language to advance Health in All Policies in an ordinance, a resolution, and general plans.

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