Tools for Obesity Prevention

Active, Accessible Communities
Create more opportunities for safe and easily accessible places to walk, bike, and be physical active with policies that support shared use of facilities, Safe Routes to School, bicycle-friendly streets, pedestrian safety, and more. Healthier Food Environments
Increase the supply of healthy options in stores, markets, restaurants and other places that sell or provide food and beverages.  Limiting Unhealthy Foods
Decrease the availability and visibility of junk food and sugary beverages everywhere.  Junk Food Marketing
Limit pervasive junk food and beverage advertising, while getting a better understanding of related First Amendment and commercial speech issues.  Healthier Schools
Make schools healthier places for students to learn by improving food and beverage options, increasing physical activity opportunities, restricting junk food marketing, and strengthening wellness policies. Law & Policy 101
Learn more about how law and policy can support obesity prevention policies.