Uprooting the Structural Drivers of Health Inequity

A series of collaborative trainings for decisionmakers

Why are organizations and advocates centering the structural drivers of health inequity in building resilient communities?

How are leaders re-imagining their policy approaches in the context of the pandemic, economic crisis, and growing movement for racial justice?

ChangeLab Solutions' six-part virtual discussion series engages with these questions and explores how organizations and advocates are addressing inequity in their efforts to improve health outcomes.

Each episode features a diverse panel of partners who engage in deep-dive discussion and connect the drivers of health inequity to policy change in a key area: community health, employment, education, planning, food systems, or housing. The speakers connect the dots between historical laws and policies and the inequities we face today and also articulate an inclusive policy agenda for the future. You can view all the trainings or choose the ones that best address your needs and mission.

Series Overview

Each episode frames the discussion with a set of key questions:

Community Health. What do we mean by structural drivers of health inequity?  How are different sectors  such as community-based organizations, government, and funders  advancing structural solutions to address those drivers of inequity? 

Employment Laws. What laws and policies affect low-income workers? How does inequitable enforcement of laws intended to protect these workers exacerbate inequities?

Education. How does education policy connect to today’s broader conversation about racism as a public health crisis? What are some examples of anti-racist interventions in educational settings?

Planning. Why is equitable community engagement in the planning process important? How can we embed equity in the process of planning, budgeting for, and investing in economic recovery amid COVID-19?

Food Systems. How are structural inequities built into the food system? How are communities, local governments, food policy councils, and anchor institutions centering the values of racial equity and a valued workforce across the supply chain?

Housing Equity. How can we create local housing solutions that advance racial and economic equity; address health inequities; mitigate displacement; and ensure affordable, quality housing for all residents?

This series builds on the "fundamental drivers of health inequity” framework outlined in A Blueprint for Changemakers and ChangeLab Solutions’ 2018 webinar series Building Healthy, Equitable Communities.

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