Equity in Action: Policymaking for Community Health

A series of trainings for changemakers

How are leaders from different sectors taking action to support family stability and advance a more equitable and inclusive economy?

How can we create and support processes that shift power and decision making to community members?

What strategies can promote equitable enforcement across sectors?

ChangeLab Solutions has launched a four-part virtual engagement series to explore actionable strategies for achieving health equity in communities across the United States. These engaging discussions with community, local, and state leaders focus on moving from acknowledging issues to taking action. In each episode, the speakers share innovative policy strategies and solutions that support post-COVID economic recovery and help rebuild our systems and institutions in ways that address structural inequities.

Series Overview

Housing Justice. Panelists unpack the equity challenges of housing code enforcement and offers strategies that local governments can use to center tenants’ health and move toward more equitable enforcement practices. 

Fair Labor Practices. This webinar explores systemic solutions and policy strategies to promote safe and stable employment and advance an economy that supports the needs of children and families.

Rural Communities. This discussion features innovative policy strategies and solutions at local, regional, and state levels to help create opportunity and health equity in rural communities.

Public Health Authority. In this webinar, panelists unpack recent challenges to public health authority as well as opportunities to support the public health workforce in understanding public health law and its impact on health equity.

This series builds on ChangeLab Solutions’ 2018 webinar series Building Healthy, Equitable Communities and 2021 series Uprooting the Structural Drivers of Health Inequity. It also uses the drivers of health inequity framework and other approaches outlined in A Blueprint for Changemakers.

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