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Spoons Full of Sugar

How sugary drinks are marketed to youth

Food & Beverages

Studies show that children and teens consume a disproportionate amount of sugary drinks. This disparity is even more pronounced among African American, Latino, and low-income youth. 

The beverage industry has a powerful influence on youths' sugary drink consumption. Companies spend billions of dollars each year marketing sugary drinks to youth through traditional channels such as television and radio, as well as newer channels such as digital marketing and social media.

ChangeLab Solutions developed Spoons Full of Sugar to give public health practitioners an overview of youth-directed sugary drink marketing practices. The full presentation includes a notes section for each slide that contains background information, research, and analysis. We invite public health advocates to use these slides in their own presentations. In order to access the full presentation, please contact us.

Photo credit: Flickr user Creative Commons_Kat.