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Model Open Use Policy for School Districts

Formalizing free community access to recreational facilities

Model Legal Document
Child Care & Schools
Healthy Neighborhoods

Over the past several years, shared use has emerged as a promising strategy for creating opportunities for physical activity.

By broadening or opening community access to existing recreational facilities, shared use can help people everywhere be more physically active and lead healthier lives. An open use policy is one way for school districts to provide free access to recreational facilities. The key distinction between an open use policy and other mechanisms for formalizing shared use is that the district is acting alone instead of in partnership with another entity.

In many communities, the public may already use district facilities on an informal basis, but school districts and public health advocates are increasingly looking for ways to formalize these arrangements to create consistency and accountability throughout the school district.

School districts can use the Model Open Use Policy for School Districts to formalize community access to district recreational facilities. This resource provides model policy language for school districts, outlines legal issues for them to consider, and includes a checklist to help with policy development and implementation.