Creating a more just food system

How can institutions and businesses use strategic food purchasing to improve community health and advance health equity? Our collection of procurement resources provides a framework for how large-scale food purchasing can contribute to a more just food system.

Because large institutions — like government agencies, corporations, schools, and hospitals — purchase food and beverages in vast quantities, they are a fundamental part of the US food system. When these institutions make purchasing decisions based on community values, they can support nutritious food access, the local economy, fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and minority-owned businesses.

Businesses, school districts, hospitals, and local governments can set standards for food and beverage procurement. Through procurement, they can positively influence key contributors to health equity at multiple points in the food system.

Get started with the resources highlighted below or explore our other food and beverage resources.

Procurement Infographic
Using the Power of Procurement
This fact sheet and infographic outline how institutional food purchasing can contribute to a more just and healthy food system.
BHEC Series Episode 3
Building a More Just Food System
Read our blog post about the challenges of developing and implementing effective food policies. Or watch webinars that examine how institutional food purchasing can promote equity in community health and food systems.
Eating Well in Government Venues
Healthy Food Service Guidelines
Policymakers can use these model policies to improve food service guidelines.
Procuring Local Products
This guide discusses how state or local agencies can procure locally produced food and agricultural products.
Procurement Webinar
Food Procurement Webinar
How can we use institutional food purchasing to drive health equity and ensure wins for sustainability and the local economy?

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