Show Me Your License

Show Me Your License

The Basics of Tobacco Retailer Licensing

Increasingly, jurisdictions are turning to tobacco retailer licensing (TRL) as a way to regulate retail outlets where tobacco products are sold and heavily marketed. TRL is a versatile regulatory strategy that can ensure compliance with local business standards, reduce youth access to tobacco, and limit the negative public health effects associated with tobacco use. TRL can also be used to implement and enforce a variety of policy options, many of which have the potential to reduce inequities in how tobacco products are marketed and sold in underserved communities. 

ChangeLab Solutions has developed these talking points to help public health advocates, community members, and decisionmakers understand and communicate the public health and equity benefits of TRL. This introductory resource answers common questions about tobacco retailer licensing and identifies several complementary resources for communities that are ready to develop a policy. 

To learn more about tobacco retailer licensing, see our comprehensive Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook. And if you’re ready to implement a policy, check out our list of resources. Contact us to learn more, subscribe to our news updates, and support our work!