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Sugary Drinks

Approaches to reduce sugary drink consumption

Fact Sheet
Food & Beverages

Studies show a link between obesity and the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks, and many public health advocates see limiting the availability of sugary drinks – especially among youth – as an important obesity prevention policy strategy.

Local governments and institutions can adopt a range of policies aimed at limiting the consumption of sugary drinks. A common question from public health professionals around the state is: where do we start?

In general, communities begin with voluntary strategies and then work their way up to restricting the availability of sugary drinks.

ChangeLab Solutions, in collaboration with CA4Health, created an illustrated roadmap of the 8 strategies for communities as a starting point for ideas and a potential path to reduce sugary drink consumption and improve health. For additional information, download the accompanying brochure that breaks down the policy options even further.
CA4Health is a 5-year Community Transformation Grant from the CDC focused on reducing the burden of chronic disease in rural California.