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Room for Improvement

Key strategies for healthy infill

Healthy Neighborhoods

Infill development – the development of vacant or underutilized parcels within urban centers and rural hubs – is increasingly seen as a critical solution to accommodate the additional housing, transit, and infrastructure needs of a growing population.

When done well, infill also has the potential to improve public health outcomes. Communities can benefit from walkable neighborhoods, better access to transit, improved air quality, greater access to daily needs and services, and quality, affordable housing.

ChangeLab Solutions developed this infographic to illustrate the 4 core elements of healthy infill: (1) transportation; (2) air quality; (3) access to daily needs and services; and (4) quality, affordable housing.

Designed for planners and public health advocates, this easy-to-use resource shows the environmental barriers that often prevent good health, development opportunities that exist, and healthy infill solutions.