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Overcoming Tobacco Industry Opposition

A webinar on Understanding Veiled Threats

Tobacco Prevention

In the past year, we have seen a renewed effort by groups opposing local tobacco control laws throughout California. This webinar provides an overview of these opposition groups, the tactics they have been using across the state, and ways communities can combat them by using policy and organizing efforts. The webinar addresses the facts about their claims and provides advocates with effective counterarguments. Presenters also share their experiences of combatting opposition groups in Sonoma, Berkeley, and Manhattan Beach.

  • Lindsey Freitas, Senior Policy Director, American Lung Association in California, Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing
  • John Li, Advocacy Director, American Lung Association in California, Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing
  • Raymond Leung, Senior Staff Attorney, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Sona Kalapura Coffee, City of Manhattan Beach
  • Tanya Bustamante, Tobacco Prevention Program Manager, City of Berkeley
  • Jay Macedo, Policy Planning and Evaluation Analyst, Sonoma County Department of Health Services