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Health Equity at the Commercial Tobacco Point of Sale

Learn about tobacco prevention strategies that promote health equity

Tobacco Prevention

How can health equity inspire local policy work? What commercial tobacco prevention strategies at the point of sale can promote health equity? How can the policy process build upon community power?

To find out, view the webinar recording, presentation slides, and additional resources from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and ChangeLab Solutions. These materials discuss ways to embed equity in local policy efforts at the point of sale for commercial tobacco. You’ll hear firsthand experiences from staff who have worked in diverse communities in Savannah, GA; Denver, CO; and San Antonio, TX, and gain exposure to new policy strategies and resources to promote equity.

We recognize the important role of ceremonial and traditional uses of tobacco in many Indigenous communities. This webinar is intended to address commercial tobacco, not tobacco products used as part of an Indigenous practice or other recognized religious or spiritual ceremonies or practices. All references to tobacco and tobacco products here refer to commercial tobacco.

This training is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the US Department of Health and Human Services as part of a financial assistance award to ChangeLab Solutions.


  • Marcela Gaitán, managing director for external relations, National Alliance for Hispanic Health and Nuestras Voces Network
  • Sara Bartel, senior attorney, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Tyra Satchell, policy analyst, ChangeLab Solutions

Community Presenters

  • Jerry Saavedra (San Antonio, TX), senior community policy director, American Heart Association
  • Cristina Gibson (Savannah, GA), chronic disease prevention director, Coastal Health District, Georgia Department of Health



The following resources were shared by panelists and participants: