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Check Out Healthy Retail

Exploring policy options that put health on the shelf

Food & Beverages
Tobacco Prevention

Picture a neighborhood store where health is the business model. Kids and busy families stop in for healthy snacks or staples for a quick meal. Junk food, tobacco, and alcohol are the exception rather than the rule, and they’re not marketed to young people. Check Out Healthy Retail inspires communities to transform this vision into reality.

Corner stores, bodegas, and rural markets can be more than convenient places to shop—they can be healthy community assets. In fact, many retailers are making changes to improve their offerings and the store environment. Policies that coordinate and streamline healthy retail priorities, such as providing and promoting healthy food options, limiting youth access to tobacco, and maintaining clean premises, can help nudge retailers toward a healthier bottom line.

ChangeLab Solutions developed this infographic to showcase key elements of the retail environment, including advertising, displays, and inventory, to portray a store that promotes health at every turn. It brings together different policies that would simultaneously increase access to healthy food and beverages, regulate sales of tobacco products, and discourage the sale of unhealthy items. It is designed to educate stakeholders and advocates about healthy retail environments and help communities imagine how policy can support healthy retail.