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Bonus Training: Preemption

Preemption, public health, & equity: The search for local solutions

Good Governance

How can preemption hinder or advance health equity and public health policy efforts? What strategies can help to anticipate or counteract preemption of health-promoting options?

This bonus training, part of our Building Healthy, Equitable Communities Series, explores the connections between preemption, public health, and equity. Preemption occurs when legislation at a higher level of government overrules a local or state law. Preemption is merely a tool that can be used to impede — or even promote — health and equity. However, powerful interest groups often use preemption to thwart health- and equity-promoting laws that will decrease their profits. As such, preemption should be a significant concern for policymakers and equity advocates everywhere. Watch our webinar to learn more about how preemption can hinder or advance public health policy efforts and to explore resources for action.

Want to learn more about how to confront preemption when it stands in the way of local action? In this webinar, we examine the effects of states’ placing limits on local government power and how preemption can hinder or advance health equity. Specifically, we discuss the history of preemption and public health; current trends in preemption across the country; why preemption is an equity issue; and resources that support efforts to preserve local democracy.

This webinar features two exciting guest speakers: Kim Haddow of the Local Solutions Support Center speaks about current trends in state interference around the country. Miya Saika Chen of the Partnership for Working Families (PWF) discusses PWF's research on connections between preemption and race.

Watch our webinar or download the slides: Preemption, Public Health, and Equity: The Search for Local Solutions.

This bonus training is only part of the conversation. To learn more about other elements of a healthy, equitable community, check out the rest of the episodes in the Building Healthy, Equitable Communities Series.