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Addressing Bullying in Local School Wellness Policies

Support for anti-bullying measures

Wellness Policy
Child Care & Schools

ChangeLab Solutions developed this model policy language for school districts that are interested in demonstrating strong support for full inclusion in healthy eating and physical activity opportunities in their local school wellness policy.

All school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program are required to adopt a local school wellness policy that addresses nutrition and physical activity. This requirement reflects the essential role schools play in promoting student health and preventing childhood obesity. School districts can ensure full inclusion and participation by all students in physical activity and healthy eating opportunities by including anti-bullying measures in their local school wellness policies.

Bullying can have profound effects on student mental and physical health as well as academic achievement. Bullying can make students feel unsafe, judged, or marginalized, deterring them from fully participating in physical activity opportunities and nutrition education and healthy eating activities.

Many school districts have anti-bullying policies in place, but most do not make the connection between a positive and inclusive school environment and full participation by all students in the health-promoting measures included in local school wellness policies. By including provisions that clearly make these connections in their local school wellness policies, school districts can promote physical activity and healthy eating and help to create safe and supportive environments for all students.