Legal Epidemiology Resources

Materials, trainings & more to develop competency in legal epidemiology

We've collected resources for those building new skills and competencies in the field of legal epidemiology. These materials are intended to supplement our free online Public Health Law Academy training series Legal Epidemiology. Resources have been curated for researchers, educators, students, and practitioners in health departments: we invite you to see what's relevant to your sector or explore them all.

PHLA Practitioners
Resources for Practitioners in Health Departments
State, tribal, local, and territorial (STLT) health departments frequently contribute to law and policy solutions that improve public health.
PHLA Researchers
Resources for Researchers
Researchers nationwide engage in empirical and applied legal epidemiology studies, serve as partners and resources, and conduct rigorous evaluations.
PHLA - Educators
Resources for Educators
Educators impart theory, methods, and skills to students engaged in public health, law, public policy, and other social science programs.
PHLA Students v2
Resources for Students
Students are the future of public health practice and need to understand concepts, strategies, and skills in legal epidemiology.

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