Creating Smokefree Housing

Creating Smokefree Housing

A model California ordinance & checklist

Because the negative health effects of secondhand smoke exposure are well documented, one of the most important steps a community can take to improve the health of its residents is to create more smokefree spaces—especially where people live.

ChangeLab Solutions has developed a model ordinance to help California cities and counties limit exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit residences such as apartment buildings, condominium complexes, senior housing, and single resident occupancy hotels. By adopting laws eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke in people’s homes, communities can ensure that smokefree living is not a luxury, but an option available to all, regardless of economic means, race, or ethnicity.

The Smokefree Housing Model Ordinance Checklist highlights key policy options available in the ordinance. It can be used as a roadmap to help craft an ordinance that meets the specific needs of your community.

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