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Tobacco-free or Smokefree Events

For organizations who want to limit tobacco use & exposure to secondhand smoke

Model Legal Document
Tobacco Prevention

ChangeLab Solutions developed the following two Model Policies to help organizations limit tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke at events they sponsor, produce, or operate.

These policies can be used for events of all types, from members-only gatherings to events open to the general public. Possible events include fundraisers, health fairs, antique or craft fairs, youth or adult sporting events, farmers’ markets, rodeos, and auto or motorcycle races. The policies can be used for onetime events as well as for activities that occur on a regular basis. The two policies are written to apply to the entire area where the event takes place; all event activities from set-up to take-down; and everyone who is present at the event site, including members of the public, event employees, and volunteers.

The first Model Policy limits all tobacco use at the event (including cigarettes, cigars, chew, dip, snuff, etc.), while the second Model Policy limits all smoking at the event. Organizations can choose either of the two Model Policies.

The second policy includes an option to permit smoking in certain designated areas, which might be adopted by an organization that currently allows smoking at its events but is phasing in a total nosmoking policy or by an organization that wants to limit smoking in all but a few places.

Because each policy would be adopted voluntarily by an organization, it is not likely to raise legal questions or challenges – but it also does not have the same force and effect as a state or local law.