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Supplying Health in New York City

Partnering with wholesale suppliers for healthy food retail

Fact Sheet
Food & Beverages

Healthy food retail programs across the country are working with retailers to increase their stock and promotion of healthy foods and beverages.

But it’s not only retailers; suppliers, such as wholesale food distributors and manufacturers, also play a major role in shaping the retail environment. Suppliers have significant control over the marketing of products—influencing which products are available, as well as their price, placement, and promotion. For that very reason, suppliers can also be important partners in bringing healthier foods to local stores.

As advocates work with retailers to offer healthier foods, they can also collaborate with the suppliers of these stores to ensure that retailers have access to a healthy food supply and know which foods are healthier. One program, Shop Healthy NYC, has successfully helped New York City suppliers and retailers recognize the many benefits of providing healthier foods. Drawing from that work, this brief provides a resource for other programs that seek to involve suppliers in increasing access to healthier foods.

This comprehensive fact sheet provides an overview of the food supply chain, outlines specific lessons and successes from Shop Healthy NYC, and lists tips for cultivating relationships with suppliers.