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Shared Use in the Summer

Opening school spaces to the public when classes are out

Healthy Neighborhoods

How can communities use school spaces during vacation times?

Schools are more than just places of learning for children. They serve as centers of connection for families from surrounding neighborhoods and have many facilities and resources that can benefit the wider community.

Opening school spaces during times when students are not on campus can significantly improve health and equity for those who live nearby. School facilities can provide spaces for many types of activities and events:

  • Physical activity
  • Community gardens
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Cultural events
  • Cooking and nutrition classes
  • Farmers markets

Developed in partnership with the Merced County Public Health Department in California, this infographic shows some possibilities for shared use agreements with schools. It also highlights health and equity benefits that come along with opening school spaces for the general public. ChangeLab Solutions also created a companion list of sources that documents opportunities for further research.

Examples of shared use in school during summer time

The infographic and source list were funded by USDA SNAP, an equal opportunity provider and employer.