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Model Ordinance Regulating Where Sugary Drinks May Be Sold

Options to reduce sugary drinks consumption by children

Model Legal Document
Food & Beverages

ChangeLab Solutions developed this Model Ordinance Regulating Where Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Be Sold as a tool to help communities that are ready to adopt policy measures that more broadly reduce access to sugary drinks, particularly for children and adolescents.

Many communities require businesses that sell harmful products like tobacco and alcohol to adhere to specific conditions of operation, and require a special license to operate. Many of those communities also prohibit these businesses from locating close to schools and other child-oriented uses as a way to protect the youth of the community.

This model contains several options for communities that want to restrict sales of sugary drinks near schools or to regulate the types of retailers that are eligible to sell sugary drinks – for instance, toy stores.

For updated model findings, see our guide, A Legal and Practical Guide for Designing Sugary Drink Taxes, for local officials and advocates who are interested in pursuing sugary drink taxes.