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Centering Equity in Reducing Sugary Drink Consumption

Learn about sugary drink taxes & other reduction strategies

Food & Beverages

This webinar shares the latest research and insights on strategies for reducing sugary drink consumption and examines the equity considerations that those strategies raise.

The public health data are clear: sugary drink consumption significantly harms community health and drives health inequities. Sugary drinks are connected with a lack of nutritious food options for low-income families and targeted marketing to underserved communities. In response, governments, institutions, and local leaders across the country are taking action to confront this pervasive public health threat.

Taxation is one of many strategies currently used to reduce sugary drink consumption — one that raises equity concerns. Yet sugary drink taxes generate substantial revenue that can be used to support local communities most affected by the health consequences of sugary drink consumption and broader structural inequities. Taxes can also be designed, enacted, and implemented so that affected communities are central in choosing where the revenue is allocated.

Presentations will address the following topics:

  • Strategies to reduce sugary drink consumption in the United States
  • How to design sugary drink tax policies so they are equitable
  • Centering community leadership and decisionmaking in designing and implementing sugary drink taxes
  • Sugary drink policies and their intersection with COVID-19

Learn more about how to reduce sugary drink consumption and advance health equity by listening to the webinar and downloading the slide presentation.


  • Jim Krieger, Healthy Food America
  • Xavier Morales, The Praxis Project
  • Sabrina Adler, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Nadia Rojas, ChangeLab Solutions