Webinar: Equity Challenges of Housing Code Enforcement

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UPDATE: View the recording.

Housing code enforcement officers inspect rental units to make sure that they are habitable and safe. In enforcing laws and policies that protect the public’s health, housing officials often rely on punitive measures to deter violations.

How can officials ensure that housing code enforcement actions do not harm communities that experience inequities and systemic discrimination?

View our webinar Policymaking for Housing Justice: Unpacking the Equity Challenges of Housing Code Enforcement to learn strategies that local governments and housing departments can use to center tenants' health and move toward more equitable enforcement practices.


  • Liz Tobin-Tyler, associate professor of health services, policy and practice, Brown University School of Public Health
  • Larry Brooks, director, Alameda County Healthy Homes Department
  • Kathy Zeisel, director for special legal programs, Children’s Law Center
  • Gregory Miao, senior attorney, ChangeLab Solutions (moderator)

This webinar, episode 1 of our four-part virtual engagement series Equity in Action: Policymaking for Community Health, took place on January 31, 2023.  Stay tuned for future webinars!

1/11/2023; updated 3/3/2023