Webinar: Equitable Policymaking in Rural Communities

Join episode 3 of our Equity in Action series!

What policies and practices are states and localities using to advance racial, economic, and health equity for people living in rural communities?

What strategies are needed to ensure that BIPOC and other rural communities that experience marginalization are engaged in every step of the policymaking process?

On Tuesday, March 28, at 11am PT / 2pm ET, join our webinar Equitable Policymaking in Rural Communities: Charting a Path Forward to learn about innovative policy strategies and solutions at local, regional, and state levels that can help create opportunity and health equity in rural communities. Our speakers will discuss topics such as economic development, strengthening the workforce, and the power of partnerships, with the aim of fostering greater collaboration and alignment across all levels of government.


  • Trisha Purdon, director, Office of Rural Prosperity, Kansas Department of Commerce
  • Corey Wiggins, federal co-chairman, Delta Regional Authority
  • Rachel Mayes, executive director, Southern Echo, Inc.
  • Shauneequa Owusu, chief strategy officer, ChangeLab Solutions (moderator)

This webinar is episode 3 of our four-part virtual engagement series Equity in Action: Policymaking for Community Health.