Tools for Undoing the Drivers of Health Inequity

Explore our Blueprint companion guide & updated web tool

Last summer, ChangeLab Solutions launched Strategies for Equitable Policymakinga publication that updates and supplements our foundational guide A Blueprint for Changemakers: Achieving Health & Equity Through Law & Policy. At the same time, we introduced Undoing the Drivers of Health Inequity, an interactive web tool that provides strategies to address the drivers of health inequity. These resources build on the frameworks for local, cross-sector policy change from the Blueprint for Changemakers, adding new approaches for equitable systems change and policymaking.

We invite you to explore and use these important resources for advancing health equity. To keep you abreast of our latest thinking, we’ve updated the web tool to include many of our most recent articles, reports, and collections.

Strategies for Equitable Policymaking

This concise guide explains how to apply the equitable policymaking concepts presented in the Blueprint, discussing community engagement, equitable enforcement, preemption, and the drivers of health inequity, and grounding those concepts in real-world examples. Download this guide and take steps toward improving health equity in your community.

UPDATED: Undoing the Drivers of Health Inequity

ChangeLab Solutions uses legal and policy strategies to undo the drivers of inequity by changing the inequitable distribution of resources and power. Use this web tool to learn practical ways to address five fundamental drivers of health inequity. Access policy strategies, key resources, and success stories from communities and partnerships.