Equitable Enforcement Roadmap

Learn how to create equitable enforcement provisions
Equitable Enforcement Roadmap

Enforcement actions taken in the name of public health can sometimes harm, discriminate against, or otherwise undermine the health of the very people whom the laws are meant to protect.

Equitable enforcement is a process of ensuring compliance with law and policy that considers and minimizes harms to people affected by health inequities. An equitable enforcement approach means considering equity — both in a public entity’s overall enforcement strategy and in individual enforcement actions.

ChangeLab Solutions has created a new infographic and fact sheetUnderstanding the Equitable Enforcement Ecosystem, to help policymakers develop equitable enforcement provisions and better understand the equitable enforcement ecosystem, particularly in the context of employment and labor standards.

This resource . . .

  • Profiles key stakeholders and their roles in equitable enforcement;
  • Explains in detail the iterative process of creating equitable enforcement provisions;
  • Offers examples of organizations that use equitable enforcement in their work.


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