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Developing Equitable Enforcement Provisions

A roadmap for collaborative policy development

Fact Sheet
Good Governance

The law is a critical tool for solving problems within our communities, keeping people safe and healthy, and helping people reach their fullest potential — but due to our history of discrimination in laws, policies, and practices, best intentions are not enough. A perfect law on the books can be ineffective — or, worse, detrimental — without equitable and effective enforcement.

ChangeLab Solutions has created a new infographic and fact sheet to help policymakers develop equitable enforcement provisions and better understand the equitable enforcement ecosystem, particularly in the context of employment and labor standards. Equitable enforcement is a process of ensuring compliance with law and policy that considers and minimizes harms to underserved communities.

Developing Equitable Enforcement Provisions Image

This resource profiles key stakeholders and their roles in the equitable enforcement ecosystem, explains in detail the iterative process of creating equitable enforcement provisions, and provides examples of organizations that use equitable enforcement in their work. Together, the research and action steps presented in Understanding the Equitable Enforcement Ecosystem demonstrate how enforcement processes that are inclusive, equitable, and fair can help ensure that policies meet their goals and promote health equity.