Let's Make History

Support the Innovation Fund

We invite you to be part of a bold initiative at ChangeLab Solutions: the Innovation Fund. As you know, big change takes time, resources, and ingenuity. By donating to our Innovation Fund, you’re investing in law and policy solutions that put health and equity first. You’re supporting cutting-edge work to combat chronic disease, build resilient communities, and give people healthier, longer lives.
The Innovation Fund will drive our work forward. With donations from generous individuals like you, we will create resources to reverse the effects of existing epidemics and lay the groundwork for a healthier future for all.
The Innovation Fund comprises two parts.
  • Change Fund: Your donations allow us to develop the next wave of innovative answers to today’s toughest problems. We will have the resources to explore new sectors, pursue new strategies, and confront emerging crises head on. Here are some places we could start:
    • Ensuring people can afford to live in their communities and stay in their homes—even as rents and housing costs rise
    • Making parks, streets, and public spaces safe for people of all ages to enjoy
    • Developing economic policies that create opportunities for struggling families
    • Giving residents and community leaders the tools and know-how to fight costly chronic diseases, like asthma, diabetes, and cancer
  • Savings for Sustainability: In today’s tough financial climate, secure reserves allow us to keep supporting communities and improving health outcomes over the long haul.
We know you want to fix complex community problems from the ground up, so we need you to invest in big change. Only with your help can we build the tools and capacity communities need to give all residents a fair shot at a healthy life.

Join us to change the odds for health, and change people’s lives for the better.