Public Health Law Introduction Videos

Video shorts from the Public Health Law Academy

This collection of videos for public health practitioners provides short introductions to public health law, core concepts for improving population health, and background on current topics. Each video is 7-9 minutes long. Individuals interested in increasing their legal literacy can use the videos separately as informational resources or together as an overview of material that is covered more comprehensively in the Public Health Law Academy’s full-length online trainings.

The collection includes five videos:

  • What Is the Scope of Public Health Authority?
  • What Types of Laws Can Governmental Agencies Enact and Enforce?
  • What Is Preemption? How Does It Affect Public Health?
  • What Are the Basic Structure and Functions of Government?
  • What Is Legal Epidemiology?

Each of the videos listed below has links to the Public Health Law Academy’s free full-length trainings. The trainings are designed for public health practitioners who do not have formal legal training, so anyone can strengthen their understanding of our legal system and how it affects public health.

Public Health Authority video short
Public Health Authority
A brief video review of the constitutional authorizations and limits that guide everyday public health activities
Types of Laws video short
Types of Laws
A short video that details the different types of laws that influence public health
PHLA Preemption intro video
A short video introduction to preemption, a legal doctrine that can limit public health lawmaking
Structure of government video short
Structure of Government
A quick introduction to how different levels of government protect the public’s health in different ways
Legal Epi intro video
Legal Epidemiology
A quick video overview of the foundational principles of legal epidemiology

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