Public Health Law Training in Educational Settings

Environmental Scan Consultant Scope of Work

ChangeLab Solutions, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is seeking a consultant to support a public health law curriculum study. This project will assess the current landscape of public health law education and identify potential pathways to integrate and formalize public health law training into educational models in higher education and other settings that deliver public health law concepts. The project is grounded in the understanding that public health law is a growing area of public health study and practice critical to addressing today’s public health issues.

Consultant Responsibilities

The consultant will work with ChangeLab Solutions staff to conduct an environmental scan examining public health curricula related to public health law in educational settings (may include undergraduate public health programs, Master of Public Policy programs, and law schools), in addition to other courses, trainings, certificates, and webinars in other settings such as community colleges, or other vocational/continuing education programs.

This project will build on a preliminary environmental scan conducted by ChangeLab Solutions staff from September to December 2021, which focused on masters level schools and programs of public health. Consultants will be responsible for activities including, but not limited to collecting, analyzing, and presenting data that examine the following research questions in the context of up to two educational settings outside of master level schools and programs of public health:

  • What coursework is offered related to public health law, and at what program level? What courses are program requirements versus electives?
  • What topics related to public health law are covered? (Ex ethics, advocacy/policy, social determinants of health, human rights, etc.).
  • How is public health law defined among public health programs? (Ex. public health law, healthcare law, and health law).
  • How are courses related to public health law delivered, by what type of faculty/instructors, with what educational backgrounds? (Ex. JD, MPH, DrPH, other?).


The consultant will collect and analyze data related to the following:

  • Comprehensive review of Public Health Law Academy trainings and the Council on Education for Public Health Competencies (CEPH) as well as CDC Public Health Law and Legal Epidemiology Models.
  • Identification and review of existing public health law, public policy, healthcare law, and health law or other relevant curricula used to deliver public health law concepts.
  • Demographics (e.g., location, public v. private) and faculty makeup of identified course offerings.
  • Identification of certificate and dual degree programs and other training curricula that are integrated within the relevant educational setting(s) (e.g., dual degree programs in law schools and masters-level programs)
  • A memo describing the research findings.

Timeline and Budget

In accordance with the project timeline, deliverables are expected to begin in August, 2023, and be completed by February 29, 2024. The final scope of deliverables, timeline, and interim payment schedule will be negotiated in conversation with the consultant.

Deliverables Due Date
Deliverable 1
  • Initial conversations with ChangeLab torefine
    scope of work
  • Review of preliminary study findings
  • Initial outline to inform strategy
August 2023
Deliverable 2
  • Crosswalk of public health lawcompetencies
  • A review of public health law relatedconcepts in
    higher education settings
  • Intermittent meetings with ChangeLabto discuss
October 2023
Deliverable 3
  • Submit final memo describing researchfindings
February 2024
Total Budget: $75,000

How to Apply:

Please submit a proposal that includes the following information:

  1. An overview of how you would approach the project, including: a timeline of associated tasks to be completed in order to achieve the deliverables
  2. A brief proposal regarding the number, length, and scope of environmental scan(s) to be conducted in educational settings and associated materials to meet project goals
  3. A simple budget per deliverable and fee structure, including identifying additional costs and expenses
  4. Sample work product(s) that demonstrate your ability to complete the project

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal: If interested, please submit your proposal to Hollie Storie, Senior Policy Analyst by COB Monday, July 24, 2023. We expect to follow up with applicants by July 31, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We've received multiple questions regarding the request for proposal, download our FAQ here.