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Community Health Workbook

A resource created in partnership with The BUILD Health Challenge

Healthy Neighborhoods

This workbook was co-created by The BUILD Health Challenge® (BUILD) and ChangeLab Solutions for cross-sector team members engaged in the early stages of a collaboration to strengthen community-wide health equity. It provides conversation starters and collaborative activities based on learnings from BUILD communities throughout the country as well as resources from across the field of community health. 

Since 2015, The Build Health Challenge has convened and supported partnerships between community-based organizations and residents; hospitals and health systems; and local health departments. These innovative partnerships are designed to deliver the types of sustained upstream initiatives that communities need to significantly affect health inequities. ChangeLab Solutions has provided technical assistance to BUILD community partners since 2019, with a specific emphasis on law and policy.

Whether you are new to the idea of community health, a professional working full time on health equity, or somewhere in between, this workbook is for you. Community leaders can use the questions and activities from the workbook to apply the BUILD principles and create bold, upstream, integrated, local, data-driven initiatives. The only prerequisite is a desire to collaborate with partners in your community who are interested in advancing better health for all.

Download the Community Health Workbook from The BUILD Health Challenge.

Cover page of BUILD Community Health Workbook