A Pandemic Meets a Housing Crisis

Video: Sarah de Guia, Greg Miao & Courtney Lauren Anderson discuss legal & policy solutions to ease the housing crisis

When the pandemic began, we were already in a housing crisis. For communities of color and communities with low income, the financial fallout from COVID-19 has intensified issues of inadequate access to affordable housing and exacerbated related issues such as substandard housing, exposure to environmental hazards, and disproportionate rates of evictions. 

We are now a year into the pandemic; what is the path forward for ensuring housing equity?

On March 11, ChangeLab Solutions CEO Sarah de Guia hosted a Twitter briefing with Gregory Miao, senior attorney at ChangeLab Solutions, and Courtney Lauren Anderson, associate professor of law at Georgia State University, to discuss the history of the housing crisis, the efficacy of the new stimulus bill, and how eviction moratoriums have fallen short. The speakers outlined encouraging trends in the housing sector, such as increased cash assistance, broader eligibility criteria for housing assistance, and greater understanding of how the housing crisis is entwined with the legacy of racism. Watch the briefing to learn more about legal and policy solutions to help alleviate the housing crisis, both during the pandemic and in a post-COVID era.

Watch the recording

This briefing is part of a series presented by Public Health Law Watch. The COVID-19 Law & Policy Briefings offer discussion and recommendations on how federal, state, and local leaders can better respond to COVID-19.