Your Donation Helps Protect Health in Our Communities

Help us protect local democracy and public health

We WON! Thanks to a legal challenge led by community leaders, advocacy partners, and ChangeLab Solutions staff, a state law concocted by beverage industry lobbyists to ban local taxes on sugary drinks was partially struck down by a California court. This win paves the way for local voters to consider passing a sugary drink tax to raise much-needed funding for public health efforts without fear of losing city revenues.

Our victory strengthens local democracy and health equity in California. This work is a clear example of how we can help local governments meet the needs of underserved communities without interference from preemptive state laws.

This victory is just the first step! ChangeLab Solutions needs your support to keep doing this crucial (and hard-to-fund) work. This type of advocacy is harder to fund because litigation and legislative advocacy aren’t always covered by grants and contracts.

Your contributions help us move ahead with our work to protect public health and local democracy. Will you join us and donate today? Thank you in advance for your commitment to health equity.