Webinar: Equity in the Smokefree Policy Process

Hear from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health & other partners

How can we embed equity in the process of developing smokefree policies in our communities?

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health and ChangeLab Solutions invite you to a webinar on Wednesday, April 19, at 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET to explore how local smokefree policymaking can . . .

  • Be built by rather than for the communities that will be served;
  • Be driven by community priorities;
  • Benefit from community strengths;
  • Incorporate community partnerships and guidance at all stages; and
  • Ensure that enforcement of policies — for example, in housing and in workplaces — supports individuals instead of causing unintentional harm.

Panelists will feature examples of how Hispanic community partnerships have contributed to successful, equitable smokefree policy campaigns.

Register today.